My advice is to enjoy your artwork and not to worry too much  about negative criticism from the experts. Whether your technique is ‘ right or wrong’ is not really important. The art world is a snobbish place and sometimes prone to thwarting natural talent and inhibiting the joy of art and expression. Believe in yourself! 

If you wish to purchase any of the pictures please contact me, although primarily, the aim is only to show my work on line rather than making it a profitable business. I believe rather than reeling out numerous pieces of art that generally appeals to the masses and creates an income, this will not always allow me to paint subject matter that expresses what I feel and enjoy.

I enjoy the use of many materials, and although I have painted many watercolours and pieces in acrylics, I also enjoy pastel work, the utilisation of clay, wood, wax, cloth, metal and epoxy resin.  I like to experiment and am not afraid to try a new dimension.

Hope that you will enjoy your visit to my website. Feel free to contact me and/or be a friend of the site. If I can offer help to any other budding amateur artist, then I will be pleased to be of assistance.